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Online Social Networking isn't going to go away anytime soon! In fact, it's only going to keep growing at an astronomical rate. The overall traffic volume to social web sites is currently doubling every six months or faster. So if you have a product or service to sell, and your current internet store needs a sales boost, then Social Selling - and Social Snappers, are here to help you.

If you have a product or service available on the net now - and want to sell more of it, then social selling is where its at. Social destinations like Facebook and Twitter draw hundreds of millions of participants every day. There are also hundreds of other Sites that have added social features, that attract huge audiences.
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social promotion
The beauty of being on these sites is that you get word of mouth generated online about your products, services, and customer feedback in real-time.
social promotion
Customers who would never have come in contact with you before, are now reading about your products, rating them, and suggesting them to their friends. And then their friends pass the info on, link to your pages, mention them in a tweet or text - and everyday the process gets repeated.
social promotion
You can just provide the details of the products (or just the URL from which the details may to be taken) - and we start building.

Where Are My New Stores Going To Be Located? - You don’t have to search for the places to create great E-commerce stores in the social media world, because Social Snappers has already found them for you. We have chosen 25 of the best Social E-commerce sites, only the ones that are considered to be the most active and the most crowded on the web.

How Long Does It Take To Build All of These New Stores? We create attractive e-commerce stores in all the 25 popular social shopping sites listed above. Your store will be built with all bells and whistles (logo, images, videos etc). We will use information and product from your current web site or blog. On completion of the project, you will be the proud owner of stores in the top shopping spots of the social media. The process takes 8 - 10 business days.

Social Snappers makes it easier for your customers to find the products by adding great titles and descriptions to the product listing. You don’t have to spend hours updating a huge list of products in all these 25 stores.

What Does It Cost For All of This Work? Our Cost Is Only $199. That's right. $199 to set up 25 new E-commerce stores in Social Media Shopping areas. This also includes your first product. We do all work manually, to ensure that we get the right tags, products, descriptions, links - All of it right.

Plus once these stores are finished with your first product, you can keep adding new products anytime you want. Easy, Safe and Secure with Pay Pal.ONLY $199 - 25 New Stores In All.

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